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Yaansoon Illustration + Art | | The Illustration Blog of a Nomadic Mediterranean Foodie by freelance illustrator & artist Yaansoon | Food Illustration, Travel Illustration, Illustrated Maps, Illustrated Recipes, Mediterranean Food Illustration, Italian Culture Illustration, Italian Food Illustration, Middle Eastern Food Illustration, Editorial Illustration, People Illustration, Turkish Food Illustration

Latest Illustrated Travel Stories

Italy Culinary Tour: A Foodie’s Illustrated Map of Italy | Food and travel illustration + Italy Illustrated Map | By Yaansoon Illustration + Art
Italy Culinary Tour: Milan Illustrated Food Map | Food and travel illustration + Milan Illustrated Map | By Yaansoon Illustration + Art

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Latest Illustrated Middle Eastern Recipes

Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Mutabbal) | Middle Eastern Food | Illustrated Recipes + Food Illustration | By Yaansoon Illustration
Jordanian Galayet Bandora: An Easy Middle Eastern Fried Tomatoes Recipe with Olive Oil and Pita Bread | By illustrator and artist Yaansoon | Illustrated Recipes, Food Illustration, cultural Food Illustration, Middle Eastern Cuisine, Middle Eastern Food, Jordanian Food, Jordanian Olive Oil | Illustrated Middle Eastern Food – The Seasonal Olive Oil Tradition

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